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Travel Therapy for Occupational Therapists

Written by Steve Flathers, Published on June 14, 2016

Taking your time before jumping into travel therapy after graduating is an excellent idea. Travel therapy is a great experience for the obvious two key reasons.

  • You get to travel
  • You make good money doing it

Jumping right into travel therapy as a new graduate is not for everybody. I’m not saying it's the worst thing, but I think working a little while at a stable job that can teach you a lot, not just about being an occupational therapist, but about the ins and outs of the career, is really important.

It’s all about getting the basics down, and that is the key to success. You don’t want to be thrown right into a job because it’s easy to stumble and get discouraged. It also depends on your learning style. Are you fast-paced and wanted to figure things out on your own at your risk? If so, travel therapy might be for you.

If you prefer a little hand-holding and want to be onboard slowly then travel therapy might be something you want to hold off on for a few months.

To find a travel therapy job you can obviously do a few Google searches, but I was contacted by an OT travel therapist recruiting company before I even graduated. You can try going to the national conventions or OT school recruiting fairs. I can’t recommend the importance of looking them up online.

Not all recruiters for occupational therapists are the same. They need to know your interests, goals, and how you want your life to end up as an OT. Talk to your recruiter and build a trusting relationship. These are big life decisions. My OT recruiter was so helpful and when I landed my travel therapy job it all came together.

Overall, travel therapy for occupational therapists totally rocks, and I can’t recommend it enough. Feel free to comment and I can help answer any personal questions!

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