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Written by Katiana Hernandez, Published on November 27, 2018

Admission to a graduate occupational therapy (OT) program is becoming more competitive. You've already chosen your major, figured out what observation hours are, and now you're trying to figure out that last boost to your OT school application.

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Written by Brittany Ferri, MS, OTR/L, CCTP, CLT, Published on November 20, 2018

With almost three years of occupational therapy experience under my belt, I have a diverse set of clinical skills. I have sought out additional certifications, leadership opportunities, and experiences apart from the norm. OT inspires me and makes me realize genuine progress can come from hard work and kindness. I would rather no other profession than the one I have chosen. However, the realities of service delivery admittedly hit me hard after graduation. That's when I started looking at alternative occupational therapy jobs.

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Written by Dominic Lloyd-Randolfi, Published on November 13, 2018

Current procedural terminology (CPT) codes are used to designate services provided by healthcare professionals. As occupational therapists, we receive payment for our services depending on how we bill using these CPT codes. If we don’t properly bill for our services provided, we could be losing out on valuable income. This article aims to be a useful resource for new grads using occupational therapy CPT codes.

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Written by Shannen Marie Coley OTR/L, Published on November 8, 2018

Part 2: HOW OTs can continue their education and lifelong learning

Here at NewGradOccupationalTherapy, our mission is to empower new grads to maintain that initial excitement (and source of good nervous energy) that comes from being newly graduated in the field of occupational therapy. It takes a ton of commitment to become a newbie OT or OTA and keep your passion stoked throughout the beginning and continuation of your career. To that end, we try to supply you with articles on topics both clinical and career-focused, to give you opportunities to learn new things and spark discussion with your OT colleagues across the web!

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Written by Shannen Marie Coley OTR/L, Published on November 6, 2018

The Why; or, the benefits of lifelong learning for OTs

So you want to continue learning and growing in your knowledge scholastically, clinically, and personally? Two words: LIFELONG LEARNING.

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