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Written by Dominic Lloyd-Randolfi, Published on June 28, 2016

Maybe you are searching for a change in your job? Perhaps you are looking to advance your career? Maybe you want to contribute to the knowledge base?

Most occupational therapists chose the career because of the patient care aspect and working one-on-one with clients, but just because an OT decides to conduct research does not mean they need to lose the satisfaction of improving the lives of others.

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Written by Matthew Alpert, OTR/L, Published on June 24, 2016

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a simple guide to follow for new grads on how to choose continuing education courses?

Well, this isn't the end-all-be-all, but it will get your mind turning!

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Written by Natasha Freutel, Published on June 21, 2016

Home health occupational therapy can be seen as an ideal job to have as an Occupational Therapist (OT).

According to payscale.com, home health the highest paid sector of occupational therapy!

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Written by Steve Flathers, Published on June 14, 2016

Taking your time before jumping into travel therapy after graduating is an excellent idea. Travel therapy is a great experience for the obvious two key reasons.

  • You get to travel
  • You make good money doing it

Jumping right into travel therapy as a new graduate is not for everybody. I’m not saying it's the worst thing, but I think working a little while at a stable job that can teach you a lot, not just about being an occupational therapist, but about the ins and outs of the career, is really important.

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Written by Natasha Freutel, Published on June 7, 2016

Passing the board exam is tough for anyone, especially if you are an international Occupational Therapist (OT).

When I graduated from the Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy program in Ontario, Canada I decided that I immediately wanted to move to the California. This meant studying for and passing the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam.

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Written by Steve Flathers, Published on June 6, 2016

Transitioning from student to new graduate is challenging. Becoming a professional is like getting thrown from a place of safety (school) to an ocean full of uncertainty and doubt.

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