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50 Occupational Therapy Instagrams for New Grads

Written by Shannen Marie Coley OTR/L, Published on April 24, 2017

NGOT recommends following these 50 occupational therapy Instagrams if you’re on IG. Check out the square pictures depicting life’s occupations and become inspired.

In celebration of our profession’s 100th birthday and #OTmonth, what easier way to recognize occupational therapy than to get connected with OT practitioners at the quick click to open the Instagram app?

Check out the square pictures depicting life’s occupations and become inspired by an array of occupational therapy Instagrams. We at NGOT like to make it easy to find the resources you need and recommend following these accounts if you’re on the Gram.

From geriatrics to pediatrics-based accounts and everything in between, here are 50 occupational therapy Instagrams you need to be following!

OT students

Tired of searching for current occupational therapy student Gram accounts to follow? Look no further! Increase your support for your schooling by getting connected with your peers.

@celebrate_ot https://www.instagram.com/celebrate_ot/

@acupot https://www.instagram.com/acupot/

@myotjourney https://www.instagram.com/myotjourney/

@katarina_aspiringot https://www.instagram.com/katarina_aspiringot/

@otblogger https://www.instagram.com/otblogger/

@crazyforot https://www.instagram.com/crazyforot/

@occupunctual https://www.instagram.com/occupunctual/


From representing our national occupational therapy association and stressing about the most important exam of our careers. In addition to keeping up to date with what’s going on at NGOT, following these three accounts will surely be to your benefit.

@aotainc https://www.instagram.com/aotainc/

@nbcot https://www.instagram.com/nbcot/

@newgradoccupationaltherapy https://www.instagram.com/newgradoccupationaltherapy/


With fewer kiddos entering the population and individuals living longer, older people are making up an even larger share of our total population which makes it worth your while to be in the loop of #geriatricOT

@seniorsflourish https://www.instagram.com/seniorsflourish/

@therapeuticwoodworks https://www.instagram.com/therapeuticwoodworks/


From schools-based to outpatient practice, you can scroll through the online world of aesthetically pleasing square pictures filled with fun fine motor intervention ideas, factual posts on childhood development, and opportunities to collaborate with other #pediOTs in their pursuit to enable children of all ages and abilities pursue life’s daily activities.

@mamaotblog https://www.instagram.com/mamaotblog/

@toolstogrow https://www.instagram.com/toolstogrow/

@growinghandsonkids https://www.instagram.com/growinghandsonkids/

@cotalife https://www.instagram.com/cotalife/

@toolstogrowtherapy https://www.instagram.com/toolstogrowtherapy/

@just4meot https://www.instagram.com/just4meot/

@mrsandreaot https://www.instagram.com/mrsandreaot/

@schoolotful https://www.instagram.com/schoolotfun/

@elementary_ot https://www.instagram.com/elementary_ot/

@youngandwell https://www.instagram.com/youngandwell/

@theottoolbox https://www.instagram.com/theottoolbox/

@wilsonsdot1 https://www.instagram.com/wilsondot1/

Hand therapy

Fascinated by meticulous orthopedic protocols and practice? Follow these six hand therapy accounts to learn more about splinting, use of physical agent modalities, pain management, ROM, and strengthening interventions.

@highfivehandtherapy https://www.instagram.com/highfivehandtherapy/

@hand_therapist_jo_marsh https://www.instagram.com/hand_therapist_jo_marsh/

@2thumbsuphandtherapy https://www.instagram.com/2thumbsuphandtherapy/

@advancedphysicaltherapycenter https://www.instagram.com/advancedphysicaltherapycenter/

@prostaffpt https://www.instagram.com/prostaffpt/

@hands_on_therapy_services https://www.instagram.com/hands_on_therapy_services/

Mental health

MH cannot be ignored and OT shares a tremendous role. Peruse through these accounts to view how OT may assist our patients to obtain supports they need to participate in independent and productive living.

@mentality_socials_leeds https://www.instagram.com/mentality_socials_leeds/

@rootedwellness_bk https://www.instagram.com/rootedwellness_bk/

@mikesyot https://www.instagram.com/mikesyot/

@optimistictheory https://www.instagram.com/optimistictheory/

@holisticot https://www.instagram.com/holisticot/

Daily life occupations

Hodgepodge of OT accounts to follow with the common goal of educating about, advocating for, and pursuing occupational balance amongst the chaos of our everyday occupations.

@shannenmarie_ot https://www.instagram.com/shannenmarie_ot/ (This is me! Would love to hear from you :) )

@otpotential https://www.instagram.com/otpotential/

@sexintimacyot https://www.instagram.com/sexintimacyot/

@leila_the_ot https://www.instagram.com/leila_the_ot/

@heartof.ot https://www.instagram.com/heartof.ot/

@otinternlife https://www.instagram.com/otinternlife/

@8alexisjoelle https://www.instagram.com/8alexisjoelle/

@eddiefitot https://www.instagram.com/eddiefitot/


Last but not least, stay mOTivated and avoid burnout by connecting with these encouraging, humorous, educational, and uplifting OT accounts. promOTe!

@occupational_therapy_humor https://www.instagram.com/occupational_therapy_humor/

@otsofflorida https://www.instagram.com/otsofflorida/

@insta4ot https://www.instagram.com/insta4ot/

@promotingot https://www.instagram.com/promotingot/

@occupationaltherapylosangeles https://www.instagram.com/occupationaltherapylosangeles/

@peopleofot https://www.instagram.com/peopleofot/

@occupationaltherapy_info https://www.instagram.com/occupationaltherapy_info/

 As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the occupational therapy Instagrams mentioned above are not all inclusive. Comment below to help others in the New Grad OT community establish the most current growing list of resources! 

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